Dr. Gregory House (thedoctorisntin) wrote,
Dr. Gregory House

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Fucking cop. What is this, junior high with subpoenas and guns?

He can fuck with me all he wants. I don't care. He's a cop hellbent on acting out because -- the horror! -- Big Bad Mr. Doctor wasn't nice to him. If he wants me to keep thinking about his ugly crotchal region, he can go to town.

Except that's not what he's doing.

Wilson wouldn't have cared about those scripts if he'd found them on his own.

Who am I kidding? He would've thrown one of his I'm The One With Principles parades for a couple of days, and I would've smiled and nodded and zoned out like I always do and it would have been fine.

Fucking cop.

There's a sort of bright side, though. I go to jail for being the Massively Irresponsible Junkie, and Wilson goes for Aiding and Abetting the Massively Irresponsible Junkie, maybe we can room together.

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