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Tell me where it hurts.

(I'll probably forget, but tell me anyway.)

Dr. Gregory House
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It doesn't really matter what I say about myself. I could tell you that I'm a billionaire. Or that I'm a supermodel. Or that I'm Britney Spears in hot pants. The point is, I know who I am, you know who you are, and that's about all we know, because everybody lies. Say that to yourself when you're trying to get to sleep at night. Say it loud, say it clear, and, dammit, remember it, because it's the one thing that hasn't failed me yet.

Well, that, and the mental image of Britney Spears in hot pants.

NOTE: This is a roleplaying LiveJournal. The characters of House belong to David Shore, FOX, NBC Universal, and all kinds of other people who are not me. No profit is being made, and no infringement is intended.