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Which step am I on, again?

Greetings from rehab, or, as I like to call it, rock star vacation.

Apparently I'm the only one in this place who can't sleep at night, because nobody fights me for the computer.

Either that, or word's gotten around that I bite.

They give us stuff here to wean us off our narcotics in a controlled environment, which has just left me with a nagging question: If you're addicted to porn, how do they wean you off of that? Victoria's Secret catalogs? Britney Spears videos? An addiction is an addiction, after all.

Voldemort's glaring at me. I think he's using his evil powers to read my mind.

Naturally, I'd have to end up here when The L Word finally comes back. Spoilers just aren't cutting it. And The O.C.! It's a crucial moment in TV, and the rest of the castaways here on Loser Island are determined to spend their evenings in front of Obscene Home Manipulation, or whatever the hell it's called. It's really not that interesting when you know how every episode is going to end. The entertainment value is lost when socioeconomic status robs you of your ability to say, "Actually, your decorating style sucks."

I just have to keep telling myself that that's why the higher power made TiVo.
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